Friday, November 04, 2011

Petersfield residents are wheelie confused

Frubbish boards the number 48 to Rogate
with one of her children

Changes to local bin collections and bus timetables have left Petersfield residents bewildered.

Many people are complaining that their buses haven't been emptied for three weeks while others say it's unacceptable that they have to catch a wheelie bin into town.

Local mother of two Ismelda Frubbish was faced to take her children to school in a green wheelie bin on Tuesday. 

She said: "It was downright humiliating. When we arrived everybody was pointing and laughing. I simply hadn't realised it was supposed to be a grey bin week.

"The council was no help either. The told me to take my complaint to Winchester , which meant waiting ages for the number 95 dustcart. They're washing their hands of all responsibility."

A council spokesman advised "you should always wash your hands after touching domestic food waste or bus passengers".