Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fuelling anger

Joy Rider: "Int got no lager eiver"

The yo-yoing fuel prices of a Petersfield service station have angered motorists who call in to refuel.

The prices seem to leap a few pence at the town’s Gasso within a matter of hours and some of the motorists using the garage are suspicious regarding the reasons for this.

Minnie Khabdryver told us: “I do a lot of miles and need to refuel quite regularly. I often note during the day that the prices are quite competitive and with this in mind return later when I am low on fuel; only to find that the price has been hiked up before I get back.

“It may just be a coincidence but the price always seems at its lowest when the forecourt is coned off, this garage has a habit of being inaccessible for at least half a day, every day.”

Joy Rider, on a whistle stop visit from Leigh Park seemed to agree with this theory saying: “Of never seen ve proices gah back up, bu’ i’ looks loike iss when the garridge opens each time.”

Newswire asked Gasso whether there was any truth in this observation.

Mandy Pumps speaking on behalf of the service station insisted: “I can assure you we have done nothing wrong, we always advertise our fuel at the price that it can be bought for at that particular moment in time.

“It is highly unfortunate that sometimes, due to forced temporary closure, motorists are unable to take advantage of the unbeatable prices.

“Our prices do fluctuate, as they do at all service stations; the best PR is to have a low price up outside the station so we try to do that whenever we can.”

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