Friday, September 03, 2010

Petersfield man is angry - shocker!

Ally Copter, bottom, demonstrates his latest technique
 for helping fugitives escape British justice

A Petersfield pilot who was jailed for flying fugitive tycoon Nasal Hair out of the country has spoken of his anger towards him after his career in flying fugitives out of the country stalled while in prison.

Ally Copter spent almost a year in prison before his conviction for helping the former Polly Parrot boss evade justice was quashed.

Until his sentence was passed he ran a highly lucrative business, CMe 4 Smoke, which specialised in flying fugitives out of the country.

Now the 80-year-old limits his flying to one-way pleasure trips to various tax havens with no extradition treaty.

More than 20 years on from the night flight which changed his life, Copter said: “I was moved to help him out of a sense of injustice I felt was being meted out to him – and also after finding a large amount of money had been deposited in my bank account.

“I believed he was being abused by the British justice system and he should be allowed to organise his defence in peace and quiet, ideally out of the reach of the legal authorities.”

He believes he would not do the same again, however.

He added: “I can see now there are much safer and more legitimate ways to make money than helping those looking to flee the country. Running a Premiership football club for instance; or taking your country into an illegal war while Prime Minister.

“Both seem to be regarded as perfectly legitimate sources of income whereas such actions are frowned upon in many other industries. In the meantime, until I can run for power or take over a football club, I’ve come across a much safer way of making money: £5,000 on a no-ball in the fifth over please…”

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