Thursday, September 24, 2009

EDITORIAL: The ideal man for the job

As Petersfield Town Council's deadline for applications for the post of town crier approaches, Petersfield Newswire has its own suggestion for the role.

One of the potential applicants for the post, a female, has apparently stated that by having her own attire she would save the town money and that she wouldn't want to be paid for carrying out her duties.

John Anthony Portsmouth Football Club Westwood can trump that in spades. We know his wardrobe needs are minimal. Who in the Petersfield area has had more practice shouting? And the ace up his sleeve is not just another of his tattoos; he can provide his own bell!

Evidence shows that Westwood likes to weild his bell practically naked, so there would be practically no expense in providing a uniform. That said, an appropriately coloured sash might be in order to cover any embarrassment that might arise on a cold winter’s day.

On the subject of money, Westwood pays to practice his craft at Fratton Park and at football grounds around the world. Such an appointment might raise funds if he agrees to pay for the opportunity to ring his bell and shout loudly in the comfort of his home town.

Petersfield Town Council spokesman, Ivor Twitch, has gone on record as saying: "This role is going to give Petersfield something which is a little bit different."

If that is truly an objective, we should look no further than John Anthony Portsmouth Football Club Westwood.

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