Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fake conkers are hit

Traditional games of conkers will be able to go ahead at Market Town Junior School - despite a ban by killjoy Health & Safety officers.

Teacher Ben Smug has come up with a brainwave to save the longstanding kids' game from the clutches of political madness.

He has instructed his art class pupils to paint ping-pong balls brown and thread them on string to create 'safe' conkers.

"It's proving very popular - and safe," said Mr Smug. "I'm thinking of putting a few on eBay to raise money for school funds."

However, 10-year-old Wayne McChavitt said: "Actually, they're completely shit."

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  1. Received an email highlighting this blog yesterday, though somebody had already alerted me to the fact you had a link to mine.
    Thanks - and keep up the good work.