Friday, September 18, 2009

Sight-line plans hit town square

The popularity of Petersfield’s Big Stage event has led campaigners to call for improved sight-lines by the relocation of the town square.

Organisers of the popular event, which brings at least a dozen new coffee shops into the town every bank holiday, are demanding the statue of William III be taken out of the equation by relocating the Square to Petersfield Heath.

Arthur Freewheeling, chairman of Petersfield Big Stage, said: “We realise there would be opposition from retailers in the town were we to suggest pedestrianising the area around the square so we have come up with a compromise solution.

“If we move the Square, stone by stone, down to the Heath, there will be no problems with sight-lines when we erect a stage and the area around where the square once stood can be utilised as a car park, as it is currently every Sunday.

“This will delight some of the retailers in town who will be able to have huge juggernauts deliver their envelopes of stock every day.”

Haberdasher Matt Tress has applauded the idea.

He said: “It’s great to see campaigners campaigning for a worthwhile campaign. I want big lorries and plenty of them. Obviously we won’t have any customers because they’ll all be down at the Heath. But it may well drive down the cost of a skinny latte in town.”

Nobody from the British National Party was available for comment.

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