Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Taking The Liss

 Contract negotiations reached a satisfactory conclusion
News that former Pompey chief Jack Anory is set to become chairman of Hampshire League Liss Athletic has sent football fans in the area scurrying for cover.

Anory is renowned for ‘working tirelessly’ in his efforts to dig the former Premiership club (replace with ‘former Football League Club’ for season 2014/15) into a huge financial hole.

And residents living near Liss’ home ground at Newman Collard sports field fear a similar size hole at the club could cause subsidence in their homes and irreparable damage to their wallets.

A spokesman for the Hill Brow Road residents association was too busy hammering in a hastily constructed ‘For Sale’ sign to speak to the media, but his wife, who was flinging suitcases and furniture into the back of the family car, was more forthcoming.

She said: “It’s not that we’re ungrateful or anything, but if one looks at the parlous financial state of Mr Anory’s previous clubs down the years, it’s not encouraging for those who are within the official Government fall-out zone. Pompey, Notts County , Southend and West Ham are hardly paragons of financial stability are they?”

A spokesman for the Hampshire League side, which has its annual general meeting on Monday, June 27, said: “Like all clubs at this level it is our ambition to become more professional.

“Mr Anory brings with him the experience of recruiting hundreds of players on ridiculous contracts which will threaten the very stability of the South Downs . And how much more professional can you get?”

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