Monday, October 10, 2011

Bin and changed

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Households in Petersfield have received a simple and easy to follow explanation of the revised refuse collection dates that apply to them from Monday, October 17.

That is not to say the change will affect you on Monday, October 17, because you may not have your refuse collected on a Monday.

Although when you had your refuse collected is no longer relevant, because the day your refuse is collected will change from Monday, October 17.

So if your refuse used to be collected on a Monday you will be affected from Monday, October 17.

And, you will only actually be affected if your day has changed of course.

You will also be affected on Monday, October 17, if your refuse collection used to be on a day other than Monday, and your new collection day has changed to be Monday.


  1. Or, like me you may not get a collection at all!

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