Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Face of farce

 Fe Fi Fo Fum

This year’s ‘Face of Petersfield’ competition degenerated into something of a farce when the competition was won by a passer-by.

May Kupp  speaking on behalf of the event organisers told Newswire: I know this is a bit unusual but to be honest the finalists were a right bunch of bulldogs chewing wasps... let’s just say they each had a great face for radio!”

The contestants were strutting their stuff, advertising the clothes that are supplied for the event, when along strolled the saviour of the day, Iman Ogre.

Kupp went on: “We grabbed him and asked if he minded joining the competition in view of the opposition and he helpfully agreed.

“It has been suggested that it’s not fair on the other contestants that a competitor who didn’t make it through the preliminary rounds went on to win. I say get over it, he’s better looking than you are.

“So we have our winner and as you can see actually he looks quite normal.”