Monday, October 24, 2011

Olympic appeal


An online petition is calling on East Havantshire District Council to reverse its decision to pull Petersfield out of the Olympic Games.

Residents were looking forward to participating in a number of sports in the market square. Popular events were to include the Olympic Post Office queuing championships and the 26-mile Olympic Nimby Moanathon.

All the action was to have been shown on a big screen until councillors vetoed the plan, citing chronic shortsightedness.

Council official Stu Pidd said: “Nobody in the council could see the appeal of a big screen. We’re all so shortsighted here. In fact we’ve recently upgraded to a 42-inch flat screen in our boardroom at Halfpennies Place and Sally Taylor still looks a mess.”

If the new online petition is successful it means spectators will be also able to watch the women’s volleyball finals while buying market-fresh melons.