Monday, June 07, 2010

Sweet dreams

A small selection of the sweets available at the Festival

Petersfield Food Festival was hailed an unmitigated success by the partners of town dental practice, Ing and Iller.

Senior partner Phil Ing enthused: “It went better than we could ever have hoped to be honest”, beaming one of those white and gleaming smiles that gives away someone who works in a dental practice - or with money to burn.

Ing’s partner Dr Iller was equally effusive, adding: “The predicted thunderstorms stayed away and the ratio of stalls selling sweets and sugary fare was much higher than last year.

“You always get a few hippy do-gooders trying to sell straw-infused products, but I was more than reassured at the sight of sugar sweet mountains and stall after stall of liquorice, bon-bons and fudge.

Petersfield folk turned up in their thousands to this year’s event, and most could be seen munching their way along the stalls. There were vendors selling meat, cheese, curry, jam, paella, olives and bread. But for every cheese stall there were at least 10 selling sweets.

“We have been turning people away this morning,” Dr Iller confirmed. “One unfortunate soul chipped one of his molars on some stale bread and another was surprised to discover she hadn’t bought stoned olives.

“The real benefit for us is the investment in the future, not the odd ciabatta-related injury but the sustained rotting of teeth and the forming of bad habits for the years to come.”

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