Friday, June 25, 2010

East Havantshire's spending plans

In its emergency budget, the newly merged council of unequals has announced spending cuts on public services and a new tax on Petersfield families.

The new SNATCH (Send Nearly All The Cash to Havant) charge will be levied on all Petersfield homes from September. In a personal touch seldom seen in local government, "inspectors" from Havant's Leigh Park "collection agency" will call on homes throughout Petersfield demanding the money.

At the same time, public spending cutbacks could see significant changes in council services. However, East Havantshire has sought to reassure local people that some aspects of council activity are protected.

Speaking from its headquarters at Penniless Place, spokesman Owen Fortunes said: "While extravagant luxuries such as road cleaning and refuse collection could indeed be cut back, be assured that the council will never compromise on essential local services like Partners magazine and Butserfest."

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