Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A breath of fresh air in Petersfield

Prestatyn yesterday

The festival that takes place in Petersfield, during the summer has been renamed the Petersfield Summer Festival.

Lance Alott and Percy Vahl two members of Petersfield Round Table have taken over the running of the event and wanted to freshen up the branding, making it attractive to potential festival goers.

Alott said: “We thought about getting in some branding specialists, you know the sort of experts who you pay a few thousand pounds to and they come up with a catchy name. But on reflection we thought we could probably come up with something ourselves.

“So we sat down for a few hours, over several pints and ran through a number of options... Two of the best early ideas were Nantwich Autumn Exhibition and Prestatyn Spring Sales. Both of these names are kind of catchy in their own way, but each has their own problems.

“The event won’t be in Nantwich or Prestatyn, it will actually take place between spring and autumn and the main event is neither an exhibition nor a sale.

“Then after four and a half hours, and quite a few pints... I won’t say how many, it hit us. Why not call it the Petersfield Summer Festival.

“Petersfield Summer Festival will be pretty much the same as previous years, same music, same stalls, same entertainers, same old children’s farm; but we believe we have breathed new life into the event with this fantastic new name.”


  1. you had to get drunk to think up the name?

  2. Good luck dealing with the luddites at penis place

  3. Isn't it the Foggies Festival in The Square this August Bank Holiday - shurely shome mistake????

    Instead it's just confusion bar none....