Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Letter to the editor

Another missive from our regular letter writer Harold Backhouse.
Please keep them coming Harold - we love 'em.
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Dear Newswire Jonnies,

There you go again - being downright rude and offensive about someone who has worked their socks off to get on (I refer to the banker in your recent rant about cows' noise).

Yes, of course the chap deserves some peace and quiet after making Lord knows how much income for the Treasury in his invaluable work. (And yes, a few well-earned pounds for himself)

Why can't you concentrate on the good news around you? Take a look at the Petersfield Post - it's always brimming with upbeat local news: "Churchers' pupils bring delight to Spanish hockey" and "Churchers' trip rebuilds African country" or "Churchers science pupils discover cure for all diseases."

That's the sort of thing people want to read about - ordinary Petersfield folk at private schools, succeeding through their own hard work and enterprise.

I'm sure if you ring up the headmaster he will give you a 'Good News' exclusive all to yourself.

Yours sincerely

Harold Backhouse

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