Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Safe as houses

Soon to be a museum
Petersfield's last remaining council house is to be turned into a museum - as a reminder of the days when ordinary people were allowed to live in the town.

The news follows a report on the homes shortage from the local branch of the Citizens' Advice Bureau, which has been inundated with queries about affordable housing in East Hampshire.

The average price of a family home in Petersfield is now estimated at £2.5million (likely to be more by the time you read this) and all the local authority houses (except the upcoming museum in Cranford Road) have been sold off in a move regarded as a huge success (mainly by people who bought three-bed semis for about 57p and are now sitting on a fortune).

CAB spokesman Mrs Belinda Worthy-but-Pointless said: "We've calculated that those leaving TPS this summer will qualify for a place in an OAP care home long before they reach the top of the council house waiting list."

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