Thursday, February 11, 2010

Town council bans Toyotas

Signs have been erected already

Petersfield Town Council (PTC) has imposed an outright ban on all Toyota vehicles driving through the town centre.

With no traffic warden, Petersfield's traffic is often at a standstill with cars and lorries parked on both sides of all roads.

Flo Murreezily, speaking on behalf, of PTC said: "The last thing this town needs is cars with faulty brakes. Anyone who has driven around town recently knows very well that you will use your brake more than your accelerator pedal and so we thought this ban would be a prudent measure."

Sly Dingstop, a senior executive at Toyota. is incensed by the ban. He said: "I should like to point out that Toyota see the issue with the brakes as something of a feature rather than a fault.

"All the greenies these days bang on about carbon emissions and Toyota thought they would do their bit.

"Everyone knows that the faster you drive, the more carbon emissions you produce. Based upon our calculations, since our recent announcements, all Toyota drivers have been driving far more economically and subsequently saving the planet."

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