Monday, February 01, 2010

Bloomin' 'eck - we can all win

Petersfield in Bloom organisers have added several new categories for the 2010 event to widen the parameters of entry.

A spokesman confirmed to Petersfield Newswire that seven new categories had been added to the private garden section and one for commercial property.

These include:
  • Most rusting kids' toys
  • Potted plant on untaxed car
  • Most colourful mattress
  • Random bits of timber as modern art
  • Car engine as flower pot 
  • Broken furniture with ivy
  • Glass bottles awaiting recycling
  • Best decorated skip
The spokesman confirmed: "In the past there has been criticism that the competition was 'elitist' - that it attracted entries only from a certain type of person.

"While we refute that claim these changes should appeal to the, shall we say, less house-proud citizens of the town and be hugely competitive."

This year's event is sponsored by Papa John's and Domino's, whose leaflets are expected to feature highly in the gardens of the above categories.

Entries to this year's Petersfield in Bloom competition should be written on a McDonalds take-away bag and left to rot in the gutter, in keeping with the new categories of the competition.

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  1. My neighbour's garden qualifies on every count - how do I nominate someone else?