Friday, January 29, 2010

No snow joy for desperate media

Petersfield was filled with desperate TV camera crews and news reporters this afternoon after a brief snow flurry.

GMTV quickly had a petite blonde with a speech defect located on a bridge over the A3 in anticipation of more stories of ‘family horror stuck in the snow’.

But they left disappointed after the snow failed to cause a single car to skid off the road.

A spokesman for Delta FM admitted: “We were preparing to double our news team to two to cope with the demand of people phoning in and telling us how bad it was just so their friends could hear them on the radio.

“But it just didn’t happen. We did manage to get a piece on an 82-year-old woman who sprained an ankle when she slipped in The Causeway, but that wasn’t caused by snow, only an apple core.”

However, more snow is predicted for the region, as the Meteorological Office confirmed.

“Snow is on the way,” said weatherman Armitage Shanks. “It will be quite heavy and is anticipated in February next year.”

Meanwhile local newspapers are encouraging readers to send in their snowflake pictures for a 16-page supplement.
  • Read about “Causeway ankle agony after apple attack” in next week’s 23 Petersfield-based media outlets.

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