Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Refuse collectors refuse collections

Choose a bin, any bin...

Owing to the snow, the bin collections in Petersfield are up the spout. But Petersfield Newswire is here to simplify EHDC's new arrangements for you:
  • Recycling and ecological green waste should go in the black bins which may look white due to the amount of snow on them.
  • Non-green waste should go in the green bins, which also may look white for the same reason.
  • Houses with odd numbers in the north of the area that did not get their refuse collected last week but were expecting a recycling collection this week won’t.
  • Houses with even numbers that did receive a recycling collection last week shouldn’t have. This will be returned but transferred into your green bin.
  • Houses with names, not numbers, can pay for private collections.
  • Bins should be left on the pavement which you can find under the snow.
  • Bins must not cause an obstruction. Under no circumstances leave bins on pavements.
Full details from East Hampshire District Council - experts in waste.


  1. As for your bottle box, they may collect it once in a blue moon but NEVER within a month of Christmas as no-one drinks much at Christmas do they?

  2. Hehe
    Rubbish from start to finish.
    here's the council line: http://tiny.cc/fgmgU