Thursday, January 14, 2010

Family man suffers as result of snow

The plight of Lee Parker and his business associate Roland Castle have been drawn to the attention of the Newswire team here in Petersfield.

Parker, 33 contacted us after reading what he calls “so many sob stories” on the Newswire site. His story shows that the poor weather has hit some of us harder than others, with some sections of the community receiving no aid, support or even sympathy in these desperate times.

“This snow has been a real nightmare,” said Parker, fighting to hold back a tear.

“I have a partner and seven kids to support and this is normally my busiest time of year. This snow has wrecked any chance I had of cashing in on the public’s high spending Christmas season.”

Parker confided that he completely relies on this time of year to make enough profit to ensure his family can live comfortably for the rest of the year:

“Roland and I normally come up to Petersfield, where so much cash has been splashed over the Christmas period. People leave their new plasma TVs, their X-boxes, wiis, cameras, mobiles and even cash sometimes, out in full view, and we can just slip in while they are out and help ourselves.

“This year because of the ruddy snow, everyone is trapped indoors and not leaving the house. Nobody is even leaving windows open, not even a little bit for some fresh air and of course we can’t get the van up some of these side roads because of the ice. Criminal that's what it is."

Time is money as far as this industrious pair are concerned.

“Trouble is, every day that goes past, the stuff is getting used and we are less likely to be able to pass it off as brand new on ebay," admitted Parker.

Parker kindly gave us his address when he wrote and now both he and Castle are helping the police with their enquiries.

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