Friday, January 08, 2010

New service for Petersfield commuters

South West Trains has introduced a new service of "mystery tours" to its commuter timetables.

The exciting new services are now departing Petersfield station several times daily.

Passengers are informed of the special service once aboard through a series of cryptic clues from which they have to work out their likely destination and time of arrival.

Some of the clues include "we apologise for the delay to this service", "the next station is Haslemere where this train will now terminate" and the deliciously sinister "would the guard please contact the driver".

On the return journey, commuters could be diverted on to an entirely different line, ending up in the charming cathedral city of Winchester, the bustling port of Southampton, or Havant.

Head of creative synnovation at South West Trains, Daventry McAllister, said: "This is the biggest step forward in train adventure since 2005, when we introduced trolley staff who don't speak English."

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