Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Ice Man cometh

Affordable housing near the heath - advertising
material claims prices have been 'frozen for January'

Petersfield Housing Association is to lodge a complaint over the new homes that have been hurriedly erected on the land between Heath Road East and Sussex Road in Petersfield.

The PHA has accused Petersfield Town Council of exploiting a loophole in the system; keeping to a minimum the level of new affordable housing in the area.

Speaking for the Council Planning Department, Bill Ding defended the work saying: “In line with strict Government directives we have, ahead of schedule, erected a number of affordable homes that comply and in fact go well beyond all normal environmental requirements.

“These homes are in a desirable part of town, with easy access to the town centre.

“I must point out that a clause in any prospective purchasers’ contract will state that the ownership of the land will return to the council if the house is demolished thus ensuring that the area will remain unspoilt for future generations.”

PHA will tackle PTC head on, with Evan Elpuss accusing them of: “deliberately building homes that will not last, thus reducing, in the long term, the number of homes that can be afforded by the poorer members of society".

In response Ding said: “They have the same guarantees as Barratt Homes...”

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