Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The animals came in 4x4s

Available as a reassuringly expensive add-on in many 4x4s

The recent snow has brought with it a sudden outbreak of arrogance in Petersfield, as middle-class 4x4 drivers use the snow to justify their ridiculous choice of gas-guzzling vehicles.

Initially just a light dusting of immodesty, great waves of smugness then blew in as 4x4 owners ponced about as if they owned the place. Unsurprisingly, Met Office monitoring stations have detected significant increases in arrogance, haughtiness and pomposity in the air.

Head of premium pricing at White Nose garages Daventry McAllister said : "Our latest range of 4x4s is designed specifically with the arrogant in mind. There's even a smugometer built into the dashboard. That way, you can wallow in pride as you destroy the environment and cause even more extreme weather conditions that only a car like that can survive."

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