Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Back from the bread

Shelves which normally contain chilli-crusted ciabatta
have been purged by panic-buyers

Petersfield families have been facing food shortages as panic buying, combined with snow, has prevented deliveries to shops in the town.

Essentials like bread and milk were in short supply leading to real hardship in some areas.

"It's a disgrace!" shrieked Penelope Landcruiser-Driver, from Poshhouse Avenue.

"In this day and age in a supposedly modern country, we should be able to maintain supplies of essential foodstuffs.

"There was no chilli-crusted ciabatta for the whole weekend - I managed to find a loaf of unlevened focaccia in my freezer top serve at my Yummy Mummies meeting but it got so bad that this morning I was forced to allow my children to eat toast soldiers made from WHITE SLICED BREAD!!

"As if that's not bad enough my husband has started divorce proceedings after I put full fat milk in his morning cappucino. When will this hell end?"

A spokesman for Waitrose apologised and said he would arrange a special delivery to Mrs Landcruiser-Driver to make up for letting her down.

A spokesman for Tesco said: "What's foccacia?"

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