Monday, January 18, 2010

Thaw causes news chaos - snow news is good news

News organisations in Petersfield have gone into a snow-blind panic following the recent thaw.

"Where are we going to find all our stories now?" commented one insider at Petersfield Newswire.

"News stories have been literally falling from the sky into our lap for days - we didn't even need to leave the office ... come to think of it we couldn't leave the office most of the time.

"The snow may have been bad news for anyone who eats food, wants their bins emptied or post delivered but for us newshounds - and 4X4 drivers - it was a god-send.

"We'll have to start using our imaghinations again soon ... although this shameless attempt at extending the snow coverage has at least kept us going for another day."

A spokesman for The Messenger said: "How are we supposed to nick that?"

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