Thursday, January 28, 2010

What a load of grit

Council workers have received huge praise for managing to grit at least one side road during the recent snowy weather.

Somehow the brave workmen managed to make their way up the treachorous icy gradients of Tilmore Hill to clear the road and pavements of the posh detached houses in Kimbers.

Unfortunately, they had to return to their cosy warm offices before they had time to lay grit and salt outside the council homes in the adjacent Highfield Road.

However, there were warm words from their councillor, Bobby Bear, who said: "It's work like this above and beyond the call of duty that makes our council workmen the heroes of the recent cold spell - they really showed what they're made of."

Bear, who coincidentally lives in Kimbers with his wife Mummy Bear, two baby bears and Goldilocks the au pair, added: "The fact that I live here has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the road was cleared of ice and snow ... honest guv."

Mrs Granny Humble, 89, who was trapped in her Highfield Road home for more than a week and survived by eating breadcrumbs from a neighbour's bird-table said: "Sounds like a pile of grit to me..."

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