Thursday, January 21, 2010

Only part of the story

We have had more than one letter singing the praises of the Harold website, the online portal for the Petersfield Harold newspaper, which keeps Petersfield residents informed and up to date with local issues.

The reader who wrote in twice told us that the Harold site is their first stop for local breaking news. As an example, this week’s top stories are:

An elderly man...
For full story, see this week's Petersfield Harold.

A large panda riding a...
For full story, see this week's Petersfield Harold.

School set to...
For full story, see this week's Petersfield Harold.

Free beer at...
For full story, see this week's Petersfield Harold.

We were also advised to keep an eye out for a “really informative poll” in which readers can participate and make their feelings known. When we looked the portal was asking for readers views on the services offered by Dawlish Parish Council.

A newspaper and website with the needs of the local population at heart, we called anonymously to get a feel for the lengths to which the editorial team will go, to ensure these hard hitting stories reach the public.

We spoke to Corrie Spondent, who knows the boy who updates the web-page. She told us: "we like to offer enough of a story that our online readers get a feel for what is going on in the area.

"Enough to get their attention, but not so much fine detail that they have no need to buy the paper".

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  1. You should have spoken with Corrie's brother Des, although he can seem at bit miserable and doesn't make much effort with strangers.