Thursday, January 14, 2010

Another letter to the editor

Regular correspondent (well he's written once before) Harold Backhouse sent us a letter this week. Please feel free to contact us on any Petersfield-related subject @

Dear Mr Newswire,

Whilst I have quite enjoyed some of your articles, I notice more and more of an anti middle class slant to your writing. Just let me tell you that there is no such thing as middle or working class in this country - there are people who work damn hard to make a comfortable living for themselves such as myself and my wife Amanda and there are lazy buggers who sit around and wait for the state to give them a hand-out, whilst carping at folk like Amanda and myself.

Just this week, Amanda had to drive the RangeRover up Rams Walk because she needed to load up a bulk purchase of dog food for the labradors, carrots for the horses and several tons of organic fodder for ourselves in view of likely shortages due to the weather.

Whilst backing the horse box up to Waitrose's doors she possibly might have run over this oik's foot, who had the temerity to shout abuse and call her - I kid you not - "A toffee-nosed hooligan". There is just too much of this "Jack's as good as his master" stuff going on these days, and your publication is only encouraging it. So stop it and write something of interest about Agas or Eventing.

Yours sincerely,

Harold Backhouse

The editor writes: Just for you Harold we're starting a regular monthly column called Stately Home owners and their Agas.

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