Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cold reception for snowman

The refurbishment of the Red Lion pub in Petersfield has been delayed as a direct result of the heavy snow over the last couple of weeks.

Due to open early in February, the iconic pub was taken over by the pound-a-pint, beer giant Netherspoons, with a view to capitalising on the chavs who travel in to drink in the watering holes of this beautiful market town.

The opening date will now need to be put back as the progress on site has been hampered by snowfall of around 14 inches.

Phil Mabarrow, one of the site managers said: “It was all going well enough until we realised we didn’t have any arms for the snowman.

“Building the body and head only put us back a couple of hours, but we did spend some considerable time sourcing suitable parts for his arms.”

We asked Sue Flay from one of the nearby houses whether the work was affecting her quality of life. “Not at all” she replied; “A bigger problem is the snow. Since the cold snap we’ve not been able to get any sort of reception on my television, and I do so miss Question Time.”

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