Friday, January 22, 2010

Cat nip

An ungrateful and angry cat owner was today reunited with her pet, after the animal had caught a bus to Liphook and stayed there for something of an extended holiday.

Oddball, named because of her distinctive face, was returned to livid Petersfield resident Anna Mullover after being missing for two full months.

It transpires that on alighting the number 23 bus, Oddball had made her way to The Royal Anchor pub where she really landed on her feet, being taken in and fed salmon, monkfish or tuna for the duration of her stay.

Juan Fatharoad at The Royal Anchor said: “ Oddball obviously likes a drink, a few of the locals first of all tried her with the odd sip of gin or vodka, but it soon became apparent champagne is her tipple of choice.”

After eight weeks, one of the bar staff thought to read the tag around Oddball’s neck and rang Mullover to pass on the good news that her pet cat was safe and sound.

The cat was returned to Mullover who now has a hefty bill to pay for Oddball’s holiday. The invoice comprises a £20 taxi fare home, £325 for food, £435 for lodging and a massive £632 for drink.

Although they have yet to confirm it, there is every chance that Stagecoach will also be in touch to recoup the £5.84 owing from the outward trip.

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