Monday, August 09, 2010

Designer town idea has no legs

Dee Ziner presents her vision

Positive public reaction to plans for a traffic-free town means the idea could be taken one step further, Petersfield Newswire understands.

Designers behind the Petersfield Design Statement, a statement about design by designers, now plan to remove all people from the town too.

Speaking with a draftsman’s pencil behind her ear, Dee Ziner of the group said: “People only clutter up the place and pollute the air with their inconsiderate breathing.

“Removing cars, buses and lorries makes a big improvement, but only by stopping the random perambulations of pedestrian traffic too will we really reveal the true beauty of our picturesque and historic market town.

“Look at this sketchpad, let me draw our vision … a Petersfield totally unspoiled by human presence. Just a beautiful arrangement of Georgian facades, delightful boutiqueries and betting shops seen as they should be seen.

“We designers really care about these things from a design perspective. And nobody knows perspective better than designers. Look, many of us have goatee beards too, so you can see we’re experts in this.”

Officials at Pencils Place appeared to welcome the suggestion, saying it would encourage people to do their shopping in Havant instead.

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