Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Badger set

A lakeside resort like the one targeted by the Badgers

Three brothers from Petersfield are looking to have the holiday of a lifetime and certainly for the two still living at home, escape the nagging of their parents telling them to go out and get a summer job.

17-year-old Bojangles student Zach Badger, who we understand likes fresh air, has convinced two of his brothers to spend a week in July and the whole of August camped out in Yukon territory.

The destination is in Alaska, 15 miles from the nearest city and 7 miles from the closest five-star hotel.

Older brothers Grenville (24) and Tarquin (27), who both study at the National Film and Television School in London, will film their holiday using a camera daddy bought Grenville for Christmas.

Tarquin was extremely enthusiastic about the “project”, telling us: “Ya, it’s basically a holiday. The weather is at its best at that time of year and it will be great to get a proper six-week break to relax.

“With my contacts, we are even hoping that we might be able to sell the footage when we get back and make a small fortune.

"I've seen short films like this before and the shakier the filming the better the impact, so we should be able to put together a 'reel' blockbuster." 

The Badgers will take a combination of five flights to reach their paradise destination, including a float plane which will touch down on one of the lakes.

The brothers intend to canoe up river and find somewhere to erect a shelter, put up hammocks and a large parasol and basically chill out for the next six weeks. 

Grenville added: “The boats do have engines and we’ll have a tent but we will probably give paddling and shack-building a go for the camera.

“Once we’ve settled in we will all enjoy swimming, fishing and a bit more swimming. We want some quality time and this should be perfect.”

The Badgers are taking one satellite phone and a GPS tracker with them in case of emergencies, but they want to avoid any unnecessary contact with the outside world if it can be avoided.

Tarquin clarified: “We will only be able to take a limited stock of beer and food upriver in the canoes so we will need to make contact to arrange for our beer and supplies to be airlifted in once we have decided where to set up camp.

"We won't have a fridge, but the water should keep the beer cold enough." 

Zach explained: “I thought about doing it last summer but mummy and daddy had already paid for Grenville and me to do a short tour around Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Paraguay so it seemed sensible to put it off for a year.

“I’ve been asked if I couldn’t do this alone, but where’s the fun in that. This is supposed to be a holiday.”

Tarquin is looking for sponsorship for the expedition: “What would be really great is if someone else would come in and pay for all the flights, supplies and beer; that would be awesome.”

If you want to pay for the Badgers’ holiday please visit the expedition website:

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