Friday, March 18, 2011

A letter from our reader...

Dear Sirs,
I wanted to communicate how much I applaud the young chaps from Bojangles Academy for the Fiscally Overburdened (BAFO) in your recent piece about venturing into the wilderness (see here).  Excellent spirit and the sort of thing that once made this country great.
Can you let me know where I can send a small cash consideration to help their very deserving cause?
We need much more of this in such depressing times.  It is, of course, always left to the private sector to provide such initiatives.  Why, only a few months ago I was going through the checkout at one of our local grocers (it was cook's day off) and there was a young man with his collecting bucket and something about Kosovo on his jumper.  
"It's not for some namby-pamby orphanage or similar is it?" I barked. "Because they have to learn to stand on their own two feet, you know."
"Oh, no, sir," he replied, "We are collecting money to go there for a nice holiday.  We will, of course, pretend to put up a new school building for an hour one afternoon, for the photo-shoot. Then when we come back, that will be used in a three-page special feature in the Petersfield Proust with the headline "Hurrah!  Churchers Chaps save the Balkans!"
Splendid!" I replied, thumping him on the back.  "Here's a fiver - God bless you, young pioneer."
Yours, moist of eye,
Harold Backhouse

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