Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Avast Sum Raised

Blackmoor and Whitehill’s recent WI meeting, which saw the ladies dressed as sailors, pirates and admirals was hailed by them as a great success.

The ladies, whose average age was 68, had dressed in nautical theme because they were to be entertained by the Kings Pond Shanty Men, not forgetting their parrot, that we understand flew in specially from Alton.

The event raised £135.76 which was donated to the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.

News of the event reached the yummy-mummies of Petersfield, who decided this sounded like a splendid way to raise some cash in this time of financial hardship for Petersfield’s Posh School.

A not-so-motley crew of 10 yummy-mummies took it upon themselves to organise a catwalk in Petersfield Posh School’s Great Hall, on which they strutted their stuff and danced around a steel flagpole and some rigging that was erected for the occasion.

The mummies took on pirate names for the day to ensure their anonymity and jigged away to appropriate maritime shanties such as I’ve Got A Chest ‘f Gold, I’ll Blow The Man Down, There’s A Fire In The Hole, Old One Eye and Greasing The Hawsehole.

Tickets sold for £50, with a further £50 to come on stage and practise your knots with the pirates. The event was a complete sell out with the wannabee-pirates raising over £125,000.

'Spanker' speaking to Newswire on behalf of the yummy-mummies told us: “It was tremendous fun, we were surprised how many people splashed out on the night, so we were determined to put on a bit of a show.

“Yah, It exceeded all our expectations, and we might even do it again next year if asked. Except poor Ho Ho Flo, who had dreadful rope burns on the inside of her thighs, she may decide to give it a miss.”

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