Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Brush with fame

The Leonard's dad Vinci

Unprecedented media attention has focused upon Vince Painter of Brushes Road, Petersfield since the art world has acclaimed one of his sketches a masterpiece.

Leonard Painter, Vince Painter’s son, told us: “This is absolutely incredible; we thought my dad was a complete waster, but this sketch he did of my sister, Cassandra, is supposed to be worth millions, we are all gobsmacked”

Images of the sketch, signed “Leonard’s dad Vinci” have been viewed across the globe, with requests to loan or purchase the picture pouring in to Mr Painter.

Leonard Painter was as surprised as anyone about the attention, saying: “I don’t understand it; I lost my job doing the road markings for the council, and only took up sketching as a hobby. I don’t even think it’s a very good likeness.

“Can you also please note that I have never been to Italy, let alone being born in Florence. There seems to be some misreporting going on.”

We asked the council if they wanted to comment on making Mr Painter redundant, when he is clearly such a talented man. One official who asked to remain nameless said: “You wouldn’t be asking the question if you’d seen the wonky lines he used to paint on the local roads – they’re no work of art I can tell you”.

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