Monday, April 04, 2011

Eco homes are a winner

A large sum of money that could be used as a draft-excluder 

Council tenants in Petersfield are celebrating record cuts in their heating bills – thanks to an eco re-fit of their homes.

“It’s brilliant,” crowed Ivor Greenhouse, who moved back into his refurbed eco house in Borough Grove last year. “Even after the freezing winter we’ve just had, my heating bills were down by nearly £150.

“I couldn’t believe it – and the house is toasty warm too.”

Environmental Health Officer Mr Beardy McLoop of East Hampshire District Council commented smugly: “This shows that if we all green up a bit, we can save money on our energy bills AND save the planet at the same time.”

And this fantastic saving for tenants was achieved at a mere £60,000 PER HOUSE*, leaving a passing council tax payer to splutter: “FFS! Even Petersfield Newswire couldn’t make this up!”

*For those of you regular Newswire readers used to us making up this kind of tripe, this cost bit is real (check this week’s Petersfield Proust for details).

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