Saturday, April 09, 2011

Tory councillors join Lib-Dems to break promises

Two Tory councillors have defected ahead of the local elections after admitting: “If we have to break promises we may as well be Lib-Dems”.

East Hants District Council members Eileen Anyway and Donna Volte-Face explained: “It never occurred to us that in joining a right-wing party we would participate in a dictatorship. Nothing in history has indicated that possibility.

“This is not a democracy it’s a dictatorship. We made certain promises to rthe electorate and if we are unable to fulfil them we felt we should at least belong to the party that has no qualms about going back on election promises.

“Therefore we will proudly be wearing the yellow Lib-Dem rosette come the election in May. But being Lib-Dems, obviously we reserve the right to change our minds at short notice and stand for some other party altogether.”

The leader of the local Conservative party, Obersturmbannführer Ballhedge, insisted: “For them the election is over. How they can compare the council to a dictatorship is beyond me. I told them not to do it as well…”

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