Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Petersfield Town 0 - Chelsea 3

The Chelsea team in their familiar kit

It was embarrassment all round on Sunday at Love Lane, the home of Petersfield Town Football Club.

Larger than expected crowds gathered in the beautiful spring sunshine to watch the spectacle, with many coming to see favourite players from the past dust off their boots and show that they can still land a ball on a sixpense from 50 yards.

Unfortunately, officials at the club, soon realised their had been a monumental error in the booking, and the wrong Chelsea team turned up. The only bright side was that they had brought a kit.

Never wanting to disappoint the Chelsea pensioners took to the field and beat Petersfield FC 3-0.

The match was level at half-time but the pensioners went on to win with three late goals after the Petersfield team ran out of steam in the last 15 minutes.

We tried to interview the Petersfield captain, but he would not speak to Newswire.

We understand from a South Today reporter, that the home side were attributing the poor performance on the state of the floodlights. There was also suggestion that the Chelsea side should be drugs-tested.

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