Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Petersfield birthing centre overrun by ducks

Two midwives at the Grange put on a brave face after being forced into
a corner by hundreds of attention-seeking rubber ducks

A fundraising appeal has been launched to provide a new state-of-the-art birthing pool at the Grange Maternity Centre after the existing model became over-crowded with rubber ducks.

The midwifery team at the Grange want to replace the current pool to provide a better experience for mums in labour after several complained that the beaks of the ducks dug into their ribs during childbirth.

There were around 230 births at the Grange in the past year and as many as 10 new-born babies were temporarily mislaid in the glut of toy wildfowl.

Community midwife Sue Sariansection said: “Many gave birth in our pool and even more use the pool during their labour. But it has become a struggle as rubber ducks do tend to reproduce in enormous numbers and in recent weeks there have been only ducks and no water in the birthing pool.

“It does make it a little uncomfortable for our mums-to-be and one even went home with a duck instead of a baby recently. It’s like giving birth in a kiddies’ ball pool currently and it needs to be addressed. We’re hoping to raise £12,000 for a fully fitted and plumbed-in pool or £65 for a DIY model from Aldi.

“We’re also hoping somebody will offer to humanely recycle our 6,000 ducks. We wouldn’t want to see them hurt.”

* The first major fundraising event for the genuine birthing pool appeal will be a fun day at the Grange, on Saturday, from 11am until 3pm. There will be a range of fun activities for the whole family to enjoy. For real story, see here

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