Monday, May 03, 2010

Whipping up support

The three parties trying to attract support

As polling day approaches, representatives of the three main parties are set to impress their values upon the people of Petersfield.

With esteemed and much-loved Michael Mates retiring from office, the East Hampshire voting battle is thought to be a tightly contested three horse race and each of the main parties is doing everything they can to sway the vote.

Elsie Withering-Slowly (Conservative) will be speaking from 18:30 at the library, where she will be covering some of the big issues including pensions and public transport.

Gladys Mildew (Labour) is to base herself at the hospital, just in case, and couldn’t remember what it was she was to be talking about when we interviewed her. So that should be a surprise for anyone attending, but she did confirm there would be biscuits available. She will be talking from 19:00.

Dizzy Plinarian (Liberal Democrat) has decided to hold her talks, or “shows” as she has described them at the rugby club.

Plinarian will be appearing at 21:00, 22:00 and 23:00 tonight, Tuesday and Wednesday and anyone wishing to attend who has not already purchased a ticket is out of luck, the performances were sold out days ago.

Plinarian told us “I will be giving demonstrations of the role of punishment in society, with the promise of follow up sessions if victory is forthcoming."

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