Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Petersfield bookshop still trading SHOCKER

Healthy signs at Two Veg Books

Two Veg Books, on Lavant Street, has been named as the best independent bookstore still in business.

While other bookshops are in a perfect bind, Two Veg impressed the judges with its ability to put books on shelves; sell them; employ staff; and open and close at the ends of each day.

But what finally swung the judges in favour of Two Veg Books was its community support programme.

Owner Tim Fortea said: "Our cafe provides a much-needed source of cappaccino and latte in the community. After all, desperate times call for desperately large measures of premium-priced beverages."

*BBC disclaimer: Other coffee shops are available in Petersfield. In fact there's bloody dozens of 'em...

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  1. We could still do with a Starbucks though...