Friday, May 28, 2010

Outspoofed … hook, line and sinker

Done up a kipper

A leading Petersfield online news site has slammed a town supermarket for undermining its spoofing ability.

The protest follows a real life bomb scare at Waitrose after staff and police got scared by a bag full of, er, fishing tackle (no honestly).

The incident left the store closed for nearly two hours with large parts of the central car park cordoned off by police, who sat around in cars waiting for a bomb disposal team to deal with the floats, hooks and split shot.

“This put us to shame,” said a red-faced spokesman for Petersfield Newswire, which had earlier in the week blamed the incident on a ‘sun-dried tomato and organic hummus sandwich’…

“How were we to know the real scare was even more ludicrous than we could have imagined?” wailed Newswire frontman DJ. “They’ve made us look like a right bunch of Charlies – if I wasn’t paranoid I’d say they’d done it deliberately just to set us up.”

A police spokesman said “We have to take all incidents of this kind very seriously - for all we knew it could have been a suicide angler.”

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