Thursday, July 21, 2011

Stabbing ‘not news'

Hampshire's air ambulance 

A stabbing in Petersfield Square was not considered news by both the town’s major newspapers.

Despite a man in his 20s being airlifted to hospital by helicopter from the Avenue playing fields - and a 35-year-old man being arrested as police launched an investigation into an ‘attempted murder’ - both the Petersfield Proust and Petersfield Harold decided to ignore the incident on their websites today.

The Proust decided to lead on its own charity fundraising efforts with the stunning headline ‘Foundation safe for another year’, while the Harold opted for the big junior sports day at Liss.

A media spokesman said: “Local people aren’t interested in all this violent behaviour – even when it happens in the Square at 5 in the afternoon and the police seal it off for hours.

“No, what they want is bland stuff about charities and schools that – more importantly – can be sent in to us by contributors so that none of our non-existent reporters actually have to leave the office.”


  1. That's what happens when all the Journalists are being made redundant, it'll get a lot worse.

  2. And I thought the press were interested in 'hacking' stories.......

  3. petersfield POST and petersrfield HERALD. Dont start taking moral high ground when you cant even get the names of the towns 'major newspapers' correct

  4. Er, I think it was supposed to be ironic. If you want strict accuracy, try a local newspaper website... but on second thoughts

  5. The petersfield newspapers are lame! Give it a few years & they'll disappear because there's no real journalistic content and people can only stomach so many school fetes and cats up trees!