Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Such a let down

One of Bojangles' 18-year-old students models some regulation
Bojangles School pants during a disciplinary hearing last year

Al Truist, the Headteacher of Petersfield’s Bojangles School is livid following the recent news that saw the school’s name muddied in the nation’s press.

The scandal has seen news of a stolen whisky-fuelled, sand-covered sex romp splashed across all the nation’s newspapers with the exception of the Financial Times.

Truist had originally defended the actions of the children involved, stating unapologetically that sex, drugs and rock & roll are on the school curriculum, so Newswire  was confused as to what could be making him so angry...

“I have now seen the photograph that the press have used” blurted Truist. The Headteacher was referring to the image that Newswire had used last week.

“They’ve let me down, they’ve let their parents down, they’ve let Bojangles down, they’ve let themselves down and clearly that’s not all they’ve let down...

“If I’ve told them once, I’ve told them a thousand times – all girls must wear standard blue school knickers, no other colour is permissible.”