Monday, July 04, 2011

Undercover Police Work

One of our boys in burberry

A police officer working in Tor Way in Petersfield, has been accused of using underhand tactics to catch speeding motorists.

PC Burberry caught Owen Lee Meselftoblame on his speed camera, after leaping out from behind an oak tree and catching the driver by surprise.

Meselftoblame was then stopped further down Tor Way by another officer who fined him £60 for not wearing a seatbelt.

“This is so unfair” said Meselftoblame. “My seatbelt popped out when the officer dressed as a chav startled me; I mean you don’t expect an officer of the law to be throwing shapes behind a camera in the hedgerow do you?”

We asked PC Burberry why he was dressed like a twat and whether this was a new police tactic?

PC Burberry told us: “When I arrived for work this morning, I found Petersfield Police Station had been closed down. I can’t get in and my uniform is hanging in my locker.

“I have no alternative but to carry out my duties wearing my own clothes. I know it’s not ideal but there you are.”

Since speaking to PC Burberry Newswire understands the old Police Station has been broken into, as a spate of local burglaries continues. The officer should now at least be able to get into the building to get his uniform back.

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