Monday, November 09, 2009

Juggling finances


A local private school has hosted a traveling circus which erected its tent in the school grounds and put on a private show for the students and their parents.

Entertaining the crowds were jugglers, acrobats, a lion tamer and of course the mandatory clowns.

The show had been arranged by Parents Desperate To Be Seen To Be Doing Something, a group that occasionally stage pointless events, helping the parents to feel as if they’ve helped the school cause in some way.

The event raised money for the teachers’ holiday fund, but the benefits are further reaching: the children get a welcome break from their studies and of course the teachers get the day off.

PDTBSTBDS organiser Gloria Swether said: “We secured the troupe for a discounted rate, luckily Mrs Crustcake, our domestic science teacher was happy to stand in as the bearded lady, thus reducing the overheads."

Even though the prices were exorbitant, ticket sales to children and their wealthy parents exceeded all expectations and the school made the healthy profit they had hoped for.

Swether added: “The only blight on the day was that one of our new girls, young Wilhemina Horsebox, was mauled by one of the tigers. That said, we understand she will probably pull through; which is good because we really don't want this to mar people’s memory of an otherwise wonderful day.”

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