Friday, November 20, 2009

Price freeze receives cool response

A Petersfield station similar to
the one not referred to in the story

South West Trains have come under fire from Petersfield commuters' group Pompous Commuters Gone Mad (PC GM) after announcing a price freeze this year.

A handful of commuters have reacted angrily to the recent announcement by South West Trains that season ticket prices are not to be increased this January.

“How does this reflect on us?” demanded Ophelia Thighs, from PC Gone Mad.

“I’m always telling my colleagues at work about how we live in such a beautiful, affluent, rural spot; and now the world is going to see that our season-ticket prices have been put on hold. It’s scandalous.

“I know they will all be smirking at me behind my back. Arriva’s fares will be increasing by five per cent and the fares of my workmates who use First Great Western will be increased by up to four per cent. Why are we being left with no increase, zilch, zippo, niet?

“There should be a law against this sort of thing. It doesn’t need to be much, just a token increase; enough to show that SWT feel they can impose a charge without it mattering to us.

"Surely some of those chaps who work out on the line in the cold could do with a little more money; any sort of increase would be welcome."

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