Thursday, November 05, 2009

More than one way to run a one-way system say critics

Motorists in Petersfield are being driven round the bend by the town’s Tor Way one-way system.

Local activists are petitioning the council to change the direction of the current system, with claims that an anti-clockwise route would reduce wear and tear to cars, make the town easier to navigate and increase commerce.

The new chairman of Petersfield Residents Against Thousands of Things (PRATTs) and shop owner Matt Tress said: “For as long as I can remember people have been driving round the one-way system the same way and its time that changed.

“The constant right turns have an untold impact on cars and the cost to motorists could be astronomical. It’s creating an awful lot of wear on one side of people’s cars.

“And it can’t be a coincidence that a company specialising in tyres is right next to the one-way system; they know that’s where their market is.

“Also I’m fed up with driving from Ramshill and having to go all the way up to the Folly Market only to come back. It’s ridiculous and quite frankly shouldn’t happen in this day and age. If we changed it around we could drive straight to the station from Ramshill.

“Changing the one-way system could be just what we need to revitalise the town. It could be just the start of getting people moving in different directions, and anything that might get more traffic past my shop can only be a good thing.”

But not everybody is in favour.

Tom Foolery, who lives in Station Road, opined: "It's a ridiculous idea. I drive to work in Sheet every morning from Station Road, so I would have to go right the way around the new lay-out.

"It would be a much better idea if they changed it in the mornings and reverted to the existing system in the evening; that way I wouldn't need to go around it at all ... except when visiting my mother."

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