Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Playing-field sell-off leads to untold riches

Security staff have been called in to protect the motherlode

A local school, so desperate for cash that it resorted to selling some of its land to one of the huge supermarket chains, has struck oil.

Market Town Big School's head teacher, Dee Tention, sold some of her school land to make life more comfortable for current staff and in the hope that modern facilities would improve results.

At the time many local residents were up in arms, claiming that the land was irreplaceable and that the health of children, which should be paramount, would suffer as playing fields and sports facilities were given up.

But the sale of the land controversially went through and the improvement of school facilities is going ahead. And first to be completed was the head teacher's new office.

“It’s fabulous.” said Tention. “Oak panelled walls, antique furniture and the seal skin wing-back armchairs are more luxurious than I ever imagined they'd be. They're so well finished.

“The only slight down side to this is that my sauna and steam room will now have to be put on hold. You see I was having a room added below ground level, underneath my office; and it was while the workmen were digging the foundations that they struck oil.”

Specialists have been called in to establish how much oil there is under the school, but the future of the site now looks secure - and plans to sell off more of the playing fields can be put on hold, perhaps permanently.

Tention said: “This should guarantee us an “outstanding” at the next Ofsted inspection, and I can start looking at five-star cruises for next summer.”

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