Monday, March 01, 2010

Green campaign to save Heath plants

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Fans of green algae have hit out at fishermen who are spoiling their fun.

Members of the Green Algae Growers’ Association (GAGA) claim their favourite marine plants are under threat from anglers.

The Petersfield Hookers Angling Club wants to clear the Heath lake of green algae to create more room for fish – but this has led to a furious uprising among plant lovers.

"We just like to spend hours on end sitting under umbrellas on the bank looking at the algae – it’s harmless fun," ranted GAGA chairman Mr C.Weed.

"Some of our members may also like to wear big rubber boots and daft hats – but that doesn’t make them weirdos with no life.

"I’ve been watching the algae at the Heath since I was a boy, and I’ve travelled all over the south to stare pointlessly at rivers and ponds.

"Some of our members can while away a whole weekend at the Heath doing absolutely nothing except glare at anyone who walks past.

"It is NO WAY an excuse just to get away from my wife and kids for a few hours by pretending to have a hobby. That’s an outrageous slur and I’ll sue anyone who suggests it."

A spokesman for the Greening Petersfield campaign denied this was exactly what they had been demanding...

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